State-of-the-art retail payment solution

Volume of cryptocurrency payments is increasing exponentially nowadays. By accepting cryptocurrency, retailers will generate a new stream of huge revenue, and even scale their businesses globally.

FXBit provides a simple, risk-free crypto point-of-sales (POS) technology for merchants to collect cryptocurrency payments. Customers will pay through crypto mobile POS easily, within a minute.

Get your fund fast

You may choose to store the cryptocurrency payments in your FXBit account, or settle them to your bank account as traditional currencies within two days.

Easy connect, easy pay

FXBit's crypto POS is compatible with a wide range of computer and mobile devices. Your customer will only take several simple steps to complete payment.


FXBit trains a professional, client-oriented team to provide 24/7 assistance whenever you need support. From technical integration to settlement, we are here to help.

How it Works?
From payment to fund-out