Your trustful blockchain payment solution

Looking for global payment alternatives? FXBit one-stop blockchain payment platform is your perfect solution. FXBit supports merchants and their customers, especially who are underserved by the traditional bank, through the innovative crypto payment platform. Find out more with us!



Real time and transparent exchange rate with reasonable processing fees.

Anytime, anywhere

Extensive global payment networks and 24/7 operational support.


Bank-class security system.

How it Works?
Few Steps to Collect Crypto


Step 1

Merchant collects client money with cryptocurrency. Enter amount of payment and type of currency for settlement.


Step 2

As soon as sender confirms payment, the exchange rate will be locked. Payer will avoid risk from fluctuation of exchange rate.


Step 3

The fund will be directly deposited into merchant’s FXBit’s wallet.

Monitor pay-in and payout transactions

  • Integrate FXBit’s blockchain payment platform through secure and easy API.
  • Send out invoice, or embed invoice in website to collect cryptocurrency payments from customers and business clients.
  • Accept cryptocurrencies using FXBit’s Crypto POS software.
  • Perform large volume of payment orders in one step.
  • Check all in / out transaction progress on one